Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts


Estate Planning is much more than simply drafting a will to determine who will receive one's assets upon death. Concerns such as asset preservation, business continuation, incapacity planning, liquidity planning, and Federal and State income, gift, and estate tax planning need to be addressed and analyzed. Then, a selection of estate planning tools best suited to meet individual objectives in the most cost and tax effective manner must be made. KKC's Estate Planning Department, often in conjunction with our Tax, Business, and Real Estate Departments, works with clients, family members, accountants, insurance agents, and other trusted financial advisors to craft a plan best suited to accomplishing personal, financial, and asset transfer goals.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts AttorneyDevelopment of Personal Estate Plans
We analyze the make-up of individual estates and advise clients regarding the most efficient form of ownership and method of transfer upon death. We implement the use of wills, trusts, business entities, deeds, and changes in the beneficiary designations of life insurance, retirement plan benefits, and other assets in order to meet individual goals. The special circumstances of our clients are addressed in the development of their estate plans, whether they are family business owners, farmers, single individuals, divorced, or in second marriages. Creative, individualized planning is the hallmark of our Estate Planning Department.

Planning for Future Incapacity
Our attorneys advise clients concerned with the possibility that they may become incapable of handling their own affairs at some point in the future. Through the use of trusts, powers of attorney, and advance directives such as living wills and designations of health care agents and conservators, our clients can achieve peace of mind, knowing that individuals whom they trust will be able to act for them should they become unable to act for themselves.

Our Estate Planning Team:
William J. Dakin
Douglas K. Manion
Kevin McCann
Allison T. Poirier
Stephen F. Sutton