Divorce and Family Law

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Navigating through family law matters can be stressful and emotional. To ensure the most favorable outcome, it's helpful to work with a family law attorney with skill, experience, and commitment to help guide you through these trying times. Attorney Douglas Manion has practiced family law for over 35 years and serves as a Special Master for Family Matters in the Tolland County Judicial District. Attorney Manion will explain your available options, give you an honest assessment of your case, help you decide on the best course of action, and keep you informed through every step of the process to protect your legal rights and personal interests. He has extensive experience with the following:

Divorce and legal separation
Child custody and visitation
Alimony and child support
Post-judgment modifications                                                                                 
Domestic violence
Prenups and postnups

Getting a divorce is an unpleasant reality for many families. Attorney Manion will initiate and defend these proceedings and pursue temporary orders to protect the client's interests while the case is pending. He will strategically utilize available resources to negotiate an equitable final agreement. He will also assist with negotiation of alimony, transfer of real estate, distribution of pension plans, and division of debts and liabilities. Attorney Manion has substantial experience conducting divorce trials.

Attorney Manion works with other departments in the firm to assist our clients with special issues that may arise during the divorce process. If any real property is involved, our real estate department can seamlessly assist wtih the transfer of real estate, and our estate plannnig department and provide clients with new wills and estate plans. 

Custody, child support, and visitation can be an especially difficult issue for couples. We consult with and, when necessary, use experts such as child psychologists/psychiatrists, therapists, and evaluators to assist in such cases. If an equitable agreement cannot be reached, we are experienced at bringing these cases to trial.

Paternity can factor into child custody and child support cases. Attorney Manion can represent either parent when establishing paternity, either through agreement or court ordered DNA testing, and can secure court orders regarding custody, child support, and visitation. 

If you are a victim of Domestic violence, your safety is paramount to us. We have experience securing legal protection through restraining orders and/or protective orders and utlize available resources including Family Relations, the Victim's Advocate Program, and private domestic violence services to protect our clients and/or their children. 

Reviews for Attorney Manion's divorce representation:
"Attorney Manion represented me in my divorce case. Attorney Manion was always accessible and went out of his way to address any concerns/issues that I had. In addition, Attorney Manion always had my best interests and the best interests of my children in mind. With Attorney Manion as my attorney, I was represented by a highly skilled, competent and caring lawyer."

"Attorney Manion was a recommendation from another attorney that felt they lacked the specific case knowledge to properly address the issues in my divorce. It was an excellent referral. Attorney Manion's knowledge of the subject, timeframe, and what type of issues to expect was very comforting going through a very difficult time. I could rely on a quick response to any issues or questions I had, and they were explained in a way that someone like myself, not in the legal field, could understand. There are/were children involved in my divorce, and that was a very difficult situation in regard to protecting the best interest of the kids, and I believe Attorney Manion truly did take this matter to heart, protecting my kids, ensuring they will be safe and free to enjoy a split family life with minimal disruptions."

Douglas K. Manion