Criminal Law

Criminal Law Attorney Connecticut, CT

Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela’s criminal law attorneys have over 20 years of experience in the Vernon/Rockville and Manchester criminal courthouses, as well as across the state, representing clients charged with many types of criminal offenses, including:

DUIs and alcohol-related offenses
Sexual assault
Domestic violence
Motor vehicle offenses and infractions
Drug charges
Possession of marijuana

It’s important to protect your rights if you’ve been arrested. Simply being questioned does not constitute an arrest, so ask the police if you are actually being arrested. If you are being arrested, always remember that anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law. The best thing to do is say nothing, or as little as possible. Do not agree to be questioned without an attorney present. A KKC defense attorney can advise you on what you should or should not say or do.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, we recommend you seek legal counsel, even if you decide not to hire a lawyer. A free consultation with one of our criminal attorneys will help you understand the charges against you. We’ll explain what defenses are available, any possibilities for a plea bargain, and what the next steps would be if you are convicted. We are very familiar with the various diversionary programs which, in many cases, not only allow us to obtain a dismissal of our client's criminal charges, but also the erasure of all public records of arrest and prosecution. Having legal representation increases your chances of having a positive outcome in your case.

We regularly work with UConn and ECSU students and, in most cases, successfully help them avoid DUI and criminal convictions, allowing them to keep their criminal records clean so they can focus on their futures. Our Storrs office is located just minutes from the UConn campus, making it a convenient location to meet.

Client Reviews: 
Here are just a few reviews from some of the clients that KKC criminal attorneys have represented:

“Attorney Manion was very helpful throughout my case. He informed me of the possible outcomes and the likelihood of each and the steps to take in order to receive a lesser penalty. By following Mr. Manion’s advice and direction, I was able to get off with a small fine. I would highly recommend him to anyone involved in a similar situation.”

 “Attorney Willis helped us have a marijuana ticket dismissed for our son. He was very helpful and professional throughout the entire legal process. He was always extremely responsive when we contacted him and was familiar and knowledgeable with the applicable laws and court proceedings. His fees were very reasonable and he helped us through every step of the entire process to ultimately have the charges dismissed. We highly recommend him.”

Our Criminal Law Team:
Douglas K. Manion
Matthew E. Willis